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Adagrafic in association with Cork.Marketing are now offering a New Media Product and Service to SMEs and members of the public. This includes a range of websites, and social media packages. Mobile websites are also available.

Hosting Basic
Cloud Hosting &
Email Support
1 page up to 10 pages make your website
compatible with:
Top Quality
Contact Form Ability to update
your website content
Apple iOS, Android,
Blackberry, Symbian
Very competitively
Annual Hosting &
Email Support
Facebook Business page  
  Free for year 1
€99 per year after
Free Hosting for year 1
€99 per year after
VAT inclusive
€200 €495 from €795

* Website prices are exclusive of VAT
Social Media Catalogue
Shopping Cart
Add-to-cart &
Purchasing functionality
Stock control &
backend system
Single options
No add-to-cart &
No purchasing functionality
Integration to Realex  
eg Facebook
business page
Free Hosting for year 1
€99 per year after
Free Hosting for year 1
€99 per year after
Free Hosting for year 1
€99 per year after
from €100 from €1,495 from €1,995 POA

* Website prices are exclusive of VAT

Sample Websites


Self Editing




Why you need a website
Competition: Most of your competitors have a live website. When customers search the
internet for details of providers of your category of product and service, you need to
have a live website too.
Convenience: People visit the internet for all sorts of information, to include
recommendations for products and services, and also look for prices and special offers
before they go shopping.
Credibility: Having a good website helps to create trust in your business, and makes
customers more willing to do business with you.
Build Relationships: A website allows for great customer relationship building, as
visitor contact details can be collected and then used to send emails and newsletters
advising of special offers, new products etc.
Advertising: A website can be a very inexpensive form of advertising,
offering customers more information about your products or services than other
forms of advertising.

A website is a fantastic way of showcasing your business, and maintaining
and growing your customers,be they local, national, and/or global.

Terms of Agreement:

Once a website has been commissioned, and the deposit paid, you will be required to provide the required information (text, pics, video, etc) within a reasonable timescale, normally fourteen days, and/or as agreed with you prior to the commencement of the project. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable, should you decide not to proceed with the completion of the website project. This policy does not affect your statutory rights.

Website Information Request Form:

If you wish to discuss your website requirements with us, please complete the below form, and we will respond to you as soon as possible, to arrange a free consultation.

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